little unhappy fish story for kids – complete

little unhappy fish story for kids - complete

little unhappy fish story for kids

It is a story of a little fish. She was not satisfied and contented with her life. One day, she was floating near the bank of a river. Two birds were sitting there. They were talking with each other.

“I feel very sorry for unfortunate fish”, one bird said to the other. “They have not ever seen the land. They do not know that land is more beautiful than water”, it added.

The fish heard their talk. A wish arose in her heart. She wanted to see the land. She wanted to move on the land just like land creatures. Now, she daily went to the bank of river. All the vegetation on the land looked stunning. “There is not such a single giant tree in water”, the fish thought in despair.

Next day, she heard two seals were having a conversation. “I just love to lie down on the sand of beach in the sun light”, one seal said to the other. “I feel sorry for fish and other sea creatures because there is no sun inside the water”. “They do not even know the warmth of direct sun light, he added”. The fish felt very sad. She wanted to feel the warmth of direct sun light.

The fish was very gloomy. She wanted to go to the land as soon as possible. In order to relieve her impatience, she went to her friend. She told her friend that she wanted to see the land. “How is it possible?” Her friend asked in great surprise. Her friend advised her to visit an elderly fish. That fish was called as saint fish.

Next day, the fish went to the saint fish. She told her problem to that sagacious fish. Saint fish smiled and said that you cannot move to land. Your creator has created you in this way. Water is best and suitable for you. Without water the life of a fish is not possible.

The fish did not felt relaxed. She came back to her home. Next morning, she went to the bank of the river. A fisher man was sitting there, waiting for a fish. Unfortunately, the fish got caught in to his net. The fish was in great trouble. The man placed him on the land. She was opening and closing her mouth. She felt that it is the end of her life. Now, she found the reality behind the words of that saint fish.

“Dear God! Please forgive me”, she called out aloud. Meanwhile, a bird came there. It picked up the fish in to its beak. When it reached on the top of the river, the bird opened his beak. The fish fell in to the water.

His life was being saved miraculously. The fish was very excited. She thanked her creator. She found that water is best for her. God has made everything perfect. We have to follow nature. If we try to go against the nature, we have to suffer the consequences.